Learn how Comedy101 tips and techniques help real people perform killer comedy, write new jokes, book gigs and sell more tickets during the pandemic.

Hi! I’m Chuck Roy, professional stand-up comedian and Instructor of Comedy and show business classes at a prestigious community college in Denver, Colorado. This website is under reconstruction to update you with the latest techniques that Comedy101 uses to help Colorado Comedy Shows produce successful virtual events and raise money for charity.

Pardon our appearance as we reconstruct the Comedy101 virtual campus with Free Online Classes

Stand-up Comedian?

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Planning a virtual event?

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  • Introduction to Virtual Event Production  (Coming Soon!)
  • How to Write 101 Jokes that Virtually Kill  (Coming Soon!)

Learn from real events including ApocaLips Comedy Show, Open Mike, and the Elevating Connections Virtual Poetry Jam fundraiser that raised more than $5,000 to help create connecting events and emergency access to mobile technology for youth separated from their siblings by foster care.

Here’s what you can learn in these free, self-paced online classes.

  • How to be funny
  • How to become a stand-up comedian
  • Joke writing for comedy shows
  • How to produce a successful virtual event
  • How to ethically connect your event to charitable fundraising

Watch our upcoming YouTube Live sessions

Learn how Comedy101 humor, joke writing and show business training is using YouTube Live Streaming to help comedians, artists, performers, charities, virtual event producers and audiences enjoy outstanding, successful virtual, hybrid, and live in-person events during the pandemic.

  • See real examples of how Colorado Comedy Shows is selling tickets to online events showcasing funny comedy from around the globe
  • Get tips for your next live show, hybrid or virtual event.
  • Find out why our audience loves taking time out of our shows to connect and talk about our favorite charity, Elevating Connections,
  • Discover how to get artistic satisfaction out of your stage time whether the audience is live, virtual or both.
  • Experience real-time production as we gather experts and new people to use this online course to produce outstanding, successful events.

MORE Updates Coming Soon!

Stay tune to this website for updates and changes to the online classes. We’re working hard to update the content, book guest experts and get our educational materials reviewed by peers so you can have the coolest, most fun, and funniest online classes for comedy and virtual events.

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