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This year, Comedy101 course construction crews will help us expand the virtual campus with these Comedy101 schools;

Comedy Education For All Levels

Comedy101 courses are built for each level of stand-up comedy;

•    New, or Open Mic Comedy Show comedians
•    Amateur comedians with a desire to become professional stand-up comedians
•    Professional development tools for successful stand-up comedians

What do students learn at Comedy101 schools?

After successfully completing courses or workshops students will be able to:

•    Write funny jokes
•    Create original stand-up comedy
•    Effectively perform stand-up comedy routines

Comedy101 School of Stand-up Comedy
The Comedy101 School of Stand-up Comedy is your online ‘Tudor’.

Master the Art of Stand-up Comedy.

Comedy101 uses effective teaching methods such as the flipped classroom and a learner centered approach.  Built on Bloom’s Taxonomy, each course is built on quality lesson plans, regular assessment and measured results.  Comedy101 succeeds at teaching comedy and improving the effectiveness of our courses by constantly asking our instructors, students, administrators, audiences, customers, guests and peers, “Are the students learning comedy?”

Upon completion, ideal Comedy101 students:

  • Demonstrate mastery of comedy writing by achieving critical acclaim for funny jokes
  • Perform outstanding stand-up comedy that satisfies artistic goals
  • Evaluate comedy, comedians and the art of stand-up comedy for Intergalactic audience satisfaction

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