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Chuck Roy teaches comedy, joke writing and show business skills.

He’s a Last Comic Standing Semi-Finalist and instructor of Comedy at the Community College of Denver.

Chuck puts the ‘out’ in outcomes! You’ll get high-quality, outcome based training that helps you achieve your comedy goals in a realistic time frame.

  • Create funny, original stand-up comedy.
  • Write jokes that get big laughs.
  • Develop your comedy show business skills.
  • Learn how to showcase your best jokes to great audiences.
On Sale Now! Only  $250/hour!

Chuck Roy teaches comedy, joke writing and show business skills.

Learn the art and science of humor from a leader in comedy and show business skills training.

Chuck’s coaching helps people of all skill levels!

  • Great for professional comedians developing material for a comedy special.
  • Perfect for old-school comedians that want to refresh their act.
  • Awesome for fast-rising stars that want to land great gigs.
  • Terrific for new people that want to try stand-up comedy.
  • Superb for professional public speakers with a strong desire to add humor to presentations.

Chuck Roy’s comedy coaching offers 25+ years’ experience performing at the highest levels of stand-up comedy.

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Globally recognized, Chuck’s a Last Comic Standing Semi-Finalist featured in movies, television and YouTube videos

Comedy101 Chuck Roy
Chuck Roy | Professional Comedian
  • NBC’s Will & Grace
  • 3rd Rock From The Sun
  • Louie Anderson Presents
  • Ralphie May Presents
  • Adore Delano’s Negative Nancy video (1,000,000+ hits on YouTube)

1-hour of Private Coaching includes

  • Pre-Interview to set meeting time, coaching goals and successful outcomes.
  • Coaching by phone, in person or video conference
  • Video Conferencing: Zoom or Skype
  • Follow-up session to ensure your success

Are you ready to take your comedy to the next level? What are you waiting for? Book your private coaching now!


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