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Comedy101 video conferences offer high level professional development training for stand-up comedians. You get expert advice and top tips from experienced comedians.

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What are advanced stand-up comedy video conferences?

Comedy101 uses Zoom Video Conference technology for private meetings. Join us and get our act together!

  • Spend time focusing on your stand-up comedy.
  • Meet other comedians.
  • Discuss advanced stand-up comedy.
  • Workshop ideas and jokes.
  • Improve your show business skills.

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Sign up for Comedy101 Spring 2018 Advanced Stand-up Comedy video conferences and you’ll get private access to a wide variety of tools built to improve your stand-up comedy.

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Our video conferences offer HD Quality video and audio from


  • Chuck is a comedian, a comedy coach, and a professor of Comedy. If you’re looking for someone whose sole motivation is to help make comedy and comedians better, I’d like to introduce you to Chuck Roy.” — Jason Scholder, Comedian & Podcaster (among other things)
  • My work ethic has improved and it has made a difference to focus on the different aspects of the comedy business. I have written new material. It was very productive for me. So really thank you so much! – Dickey Bill Wagner

Developed by Chuck Roy

Chuck is a Last Comic Standing Semi-Finalist featured on Will & Grace, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Ralphie May Filthy Animal Tour and Louie Anderson Presents. This summer he reached 500,000+ hits on YouTube guest starring in Adore Delano’s new video for “Negative Nancy”. This fall he hosts Comedy Show at Mile High Hamburger Mary’s. Chuck teaches Comedy at the Community College of Denver. In 2018 he’ll also teach Introduction to the Entertainment Industry.

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