The New HIstoric Phil N. Blanks Comedy101 Campus Library

Welcome To The New Historic Phil N. Blanks Comedy101 Campus Library

Open Virtually 24 Hours A Day!

The Campus Library

Shhhh!  Comedy Writing In Progress

The Comedy101 Virtual Campus Library is a tour de farce of architecture.  Sip coffee and review your lessons in the historic study.  Browse the book in our Joke Writing section.  Grab your ear buds and your comedy buds.  It’s time to immerse yourself in comedy studies.

Comedy101 Library Glass CeilingStudy your jokes.

Comedy101 students enjoy a new light on their jokes by studying comedy techniques.  Thanks to a generous donation from the family of Mr. Blanks generations of comedy fans worldwide may gather in this unique comedy writing library.  Visitors can enjoy a quiet stroll to view the breathtaking design.

Joke Writing 101

Take your joke writing to the next level by reading Comedy Writing Secrets by Mel Helitzer.  This is the one real book in the library!

Comedy Writing Secrets - Mel Helitzer

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Comedy101 300x250 Campus Library 4Enjoy Your Studies

Please come back again.

Comedy101 300X250 Campus Library - Jokes Over Your Head