Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

It’s important that you are satisfied, so we offer a full refund on courses purchased on

  • Online Courses can be refunded within 30-days.
  • Webinars and workshops can be refunded within 5-days.
  • Private coaching is can be refunded within 5-days.
  • All refunds will be credited back via the card you used or your PayPal account.
  • In most cases, you may apply your fee to a suitable, substitute online course, workshop, webinar or private coaching.

Please note, our online courses and webinars are designed to help members master skills, demonstrate abilities, get feedback, and timely assessment of their work. We expect that your purchase of an online course signals your intention to work hard, view the content, meet deadlines and apply what you learned to achieve the desired course outcomes. That’s why we want you to check out the course and determine if the material is the right fit for you. If you’re not satisfied within the refund window, we’re glad to offer credit or return your money.

Refunds are only available for courses purchased on the Comedy101 website (at; any courses purchased through a third-party website or app will not be eligible for cash refunds (for more details on refund restrictions, please see below). For whatever reason, if you are unhappy with a course, please let us know through the Contact Support form below. We’re here to help.

Reasons for Denied Refunds

While our refund policy is in place to protect members, we must also protect our instructors from fraud and provide a reasonable payment schedule. Payments are sent to instructors after 30-days, so we will not process refund requests received after the refund window.

If course content was downloaded before the refund was requested, the refund request may be rejected.

Finally, members who purchase and refund multiple courses over an extended period are probably jerks and may be subject to suspension for abuse of the refund policy.

Refunds for Bank & Cash Transfer Purchases

Courses purchased through cash and bank transfers are also eligible for Comedy101’s refund policy. Please note, however, that some bank and cash transfer methods are only eligible for credit refunds.

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    Updated May 19, 2018