Comedy Show Business 101

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Comedy Show Business 101

Promote your Stand-up Comedy Shows with a basic Electronic Press Kit (EPK)!

Great for professional comedians, new comics and their PR team!

This is your opportunity for a WICKED AWESOME Comedy Arts Entrepreneurship Course!

  • Are you a professional stand-up comedian that would benefit from improvements to your promotional materials and marketing assets?
  • Is your stand-up comedy career off to a great start and now you’re in need of some ideas to promote your act?
  • Are you a new comedian with a strong desire to be wicked funny and get booked for more comedy shows?

Then you are strongly encouraged to register for the best, downright-fucking-awesome comedy arts entrepreneurship course that I’ve ever offered!

  • Comedy arts entrepreneurship is a fancy way of saying, “Comedy Show Business”.

This online course is designed for the majority of professional stand-up comedians with a strong desire to to improve the tools, assets and strategies that you need to get hired and promote your comedy shows.

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  • Duration 1 hour
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
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Hi! I'm Chuck Roy, professional stand-up comedian. I teach Comedy at the Community College of Denver and online at Comedy101. You may benefit from my experiences performing in TV Shows like Will & Grace and 3rd Rock from the Sun, plus movies like Ralphie May Presents and Louie Anderson Presents.


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$400.00 $200.00