What will you learn with Comedy101?

You will learn about stand-up comedy.  Customize your experience.  You choose the classes and topics that are right for you!  Comedy101 is working with top brands and technologies, like Adobe and Zoom, to build you and awesome virtual campus for professional development of stand-up comedy skills.  Comedy101 offers customized eLearning, online workshops and private 1-On-1 coaching.  You get a quality adult learning experience.  And your fans and audience get a funnier, professional comedian!

Comedy101 Old School Learning Experiences

You will perform stand-up comedy!

Stand-up comedians get funnier and better by performing stand-up comedy.  New comedians will learn how to find comedy shows, and record your performances.  Amateur and professional comedians will upload videos to share privately your instructor, group or classmates.  Comedy101 is working with a globally recognized and trusted brands, like Adobe and Zoom, to build a safe and secure virtual campus packed with features including video conferencing, private portfolios and hi-tech eLearning.

  • Build a portfolio of funny stand-up comedy videos.
  • Customize your learning with courses for new, amateur and professional stand-up comedians.
  • Ask the questions you need to better understand how to successfully perform stand-up comedy.

You will write jokes!

Stand-up comedians write funny, original jokes.  Do you think the secrets to joke writing are a mystery?  You can learn how professional comedians convert funny ideas into great material for comedy shows!

  • Write jokes that get laughs on stage!
  • Develop quality stand-up comedy material.
  • Create a professional joke writing sample.

Learn How To Succeed At Stand-up Comedy

Get ahead of the competition with professional development training from Comedy101.

  • Discover how to book gigs.
  • Build the tools you need to promote your comedy shows.
  • Get started in show business!

Comedy101 Private Coaching

Adults Love Active Learning!

Collaborate with your instructors and classmates in Comedy101 Online Classrooms

Small class sizes.  Customized topics to help new, amateur and professional stand-up comedians improve your art and show business.

  • Work at your own pace.
  • Learn stand-up comedy skills.
  • Build all the skills you need to achieve your comedy goals.

Create a Custom Classroom with Video Conferencing

Advanced and Premium Memberships include access to video conferencing.

  • Collaborate with your instructor and classmates to write better jokes.
  • Make connections and improve your business skills with simulations and role-play.
  • Design your own learning plan with a Premium Membership and private, 1-On-1 Coaching.

Get specialized instruction with Online Workshops

Do you learn better by working with a group?

  • Practice skills that real comedians use to succeed.
  • Collaborate with comedians from around the world to develop hi-level skills.
  • Compete with teams to complete projects to improve your show business operations and promotional materials.

Colorado residents can attend our live workshops and seminars.


Comedy101 Instructors deliver fun, funny and informative lectures that deliver cutting edge comedy learning.  You’ll get collegiate quality lectures from experienced instructors.

  • Attend eLectures with guest experts
  • Join webinars on comedy writing.
  • Watch a live stream on the topics you love!

Comedy101 Creative Thinking Workshops

Independent Student Projects

Do you have a comedy project you are dreaming of completing?  Sign up for a Premium Membership and build a customized plan to get your completed project certified by Comedy101.

  • Complete your business plan.
  • Develop media for promotions and marketing.
  • Get help creating a customized Course Map to deliver training to help you meet goals on time and under budget!

Write Jokes, Speculate Ideas and Propose Comedy Concepts with Online Discussions

Meet and work with comedians from around the world when you sign up for a Comedy101 membership.  Learn and connect at your own pace.  Customize your experience with Basic, Advanced and Premium Memberships.

  • Professional lesson planning includes quality discussions
  • Discuss stand-up comedy with classmates and instructors
  • Join Groups to build campus social activities like the Member Senate, Campus Radio and Newspaper

Enjoy High Quality Video and eLearning Games With Special Tools From Adobe!

Get private access to Comedy101 eLearning videos.  Choose the videos that deliver the information you want on the topics that you need!

  • HD Quality Video
  • Special Player adapts to your favorite device
  • Great for Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop or SmartTV

Gain access to private reading materials with insider tips for working comedians.

Read comedy advice from experts.  Most articles are short and written specifically for Comedy101.

  • Learn the best practices for improving your comedy.
  • Identify key terminology and skills.
  • Research your favorite topics.

Solve problems and apply skills with Comedy101 Worksheets

You will love to laugh at your Comedy101 homework assignments!

  • Solve funny problems!
  • Create real proposals for comedy shows!
  • Predict comedy and write jokes based on realistic scenarios!

Learn Show Business Problem Solving Skills.

Seriously, Comedy101 classes have some homework.  And you will love it!  Learn the art of stand-up comedy by solving real problems.

  • Formulate plans to get the stage time that you need.
  • Prepare jokes for comedy shows, videos and interviews.
  • Negotiate and manage realistic show business proposals.

Comedy101 Collaborate Online

Comedy Word Problems

Apply your comedy skills in solving stand-up comedy problems.

  • Write jokes based on funny, realistic scenarios.
  • Price gigs based on sample customers.
  • Outline set lists of jokes for comedy shows.


Get in the game by improving your comedy and business skills with gamification!  Compete for badges and certifications.  Enjoy awesome, eLearning tools from Adobe!  Your membership grants you access to our special Comedy101 Adobe Captivate Prime learning portal!

  • Build your portfolios!
  • Set your goals!
  • Gain the skills you need to be a funny stand-up comedian!

Earn Badges + Certificates

Show what you know!  Track your goals with badges.  Complete courses and demonstrate proficiency and mastery of skills with Comedy101 Certifications.

  • Complete courses and demonstrate mastery of skills.
  • Earn badges that prove you are proficient at stand-up comedy.
  • Gain certifications to promote your skills

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