Here’s why Comedy101 created a stand-up comedian’s guide to virtual events and comedy shows during and after the pandemic

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Hello! I’m Chuck Roy, professional stand-up comedian and creator of Comedy101. This website offers free online classes about comedy and virtual events. Please pardon our pandemic reconstruction.

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Free Online Classes based on Real Events

One of the unique features of Comedy101 online classes is that they are based on real comedy shows and virtual events. Right before the pandemic, I created From Open Mics to Paid Gigs as a free online class aimed at real comedians performing on Colorado Comedy Shows. This online course uses case studies based on real gigs so comedians have an example

Virtual Events that Profit and Donate to Charity

As the pandemic broke out, I knew one of my favorite charities, Elevating Connections, needed to convert their annual Poetry Jam to a virtual event. Poets from the Virtual Poety Jam needed valuable stage time to perform their art and share their voice. Plus, Elevating Connections needed a way to get donations.

So, I organized a team of professional comedians to stage comedy shows so we could practice virtual events, perform comedy, and sell tickets.

The result was ApocaLips Comedy Show and Open Mike, plus a series of virtual event bookings from GigSalad and a Virtual Poetry Jam that raised more money than previous events.

MORE Free Online Classes

With the explosion of growth in virtual events, we needed a simple, basic set of instruction to guide a young performer to produce their own show. That’s why I’m creating, updating and continuing to offer these self-paced courses.

  • Introduction to Virtual Event Production (Coming soon!)
  • How to Write Jokes that Virtually Kill  (Coming soon!)

These online classes will help you prepare a virtual events, such as joke writing workshops, comedy shows, and happy hour events like Virtual Pub Theatre.


One of the best ways to get started is to vist the ‘START HERE” page for each course. There, you’ll find an overview of the course topic and the outcomes you can expect to learn. You can skip around, watch videos, skim the articles, look at the pictures and learn in a variety of ways that may suit your learning style.

Are you a stand-up comedian? Check out these free online courses about writing, performing material at real gigs.

Virtual Event Producer? Learn the 5-Steps of Virtual Event Production that help you successfully organize, create, produce and showcase your own virtual event!

  • Introduction to Virtual Events

Produce a Comedy Writing Workshop and Virtual Comedy Show

  • How to Write 101 Jokes that Virtually Kill

Stay tuned!

Colorado Comedy Shows is exploring how to produce an open mic at small, locally venue in Denver. We’ll be exploring ways to coach new comedians on how to safely host and produce an open mic.

The free online courses use blog-style articles to teach a lesson, most of the time.

Try to remember, I wrote some of these classes over the holidays and just in time for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 7 Conference in Fort Collins, Co.

Students at the KCACT-7 conference were encouraged to check out the articles before and after the workshops so they could get additional help with joke writing, performing and comedy show business skills.

Each of the completed lessons includes activities that help you demonstrate mastery of the skills you want to learn.  So stay tuned to Comedy101 for updates to the website and comedy classes.

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