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Do you want to be a stand-up comedian?

What is Comedy101?

It’s a school for stand-up comedians that delivers personalized learning experiences.

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Build skills that help you write jokes, perform stand-up comedy and book gigs.

Write Jokes
Master a variety of comedy writing skills. Learn how stand-up comedians write jokes!

Perform Comedy
Get on stage. Discover the skills necessary to perform funny comedy.

Show Business
Upskill your show business plan with professional development training.

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Are you paying a lot for comedy coaching?

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Get monthly access to Basic Courses that are mobile friendly with engaging content and quality video.

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You get monthly access to Advanced Courses and Webinars. Learn live, online in our virtual classroom.

Premium Membership
Meet 1-On-1 with your instructor. Get access to all classes plus monthly, personalized training.

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Adults learn differently.  Comedians learn differently.

Connect to awesome tools from trusted brands that help you learn at your own pace.

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Powerful, Captivating Tools From Adobe

Comedy101 is working with Adobe to build a new, powerful online platform that works with your compatible smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

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“Zoom” In On Your Skills

Zoom is an easy to use tool that adds value to Advanced and Premium Memberships with chat and ‘raise hand’ options that improve discussions!

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“Engaging and fun.”

Every membership level includes access to our innovative, learning management system.  Learn, teach, write and create the funniest comedy that you can imagine!

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